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Review - Radio Goes To War
Learn more about the Cultural Politics of Propaganda During World War II....(Continue Reading)

The Vatican During World War II
Recently Received: Inside the Vatican of Pius XII: The Memoir of an American Diplomat During World War II, by Harold H. Titzman, Jr. World War II was a difficult time for the Roman Catholic Church - thousands of Catholics......(Continue Reading)

Desegregation During World War II
The performance of the 92nd Infantry Division sparked many debates, including some about the ethnicity of officers. Some of the military establishment felt that black troops performed better under black officers, but others believed that white office...(Continue Reading)

Dr Seuss Went to War - A Catalog of WWII Political Cartoons by Dr Seuss - Theodor Geisel World War II Cartoons
The famous children's cartoonist, Dr. Seuss, was a concerned political artist during World War II. More than 400 of his cartoons were published between 1941-43, available to browse online....(Continue Reading)

Review - Bones - Radio Goes to War - More
Read this book review from American History Magazine for Jane Addams and the Dream of American Democracy....(Continue Reading)

Japan vs. China Involves Power Politics
The ongoing dispute between China and Japan, including street demonstrations, has many facets. Historically it may really be about Japan's actions during World War II. But there is more. Why is the long-standing dispute flaring right now? Japan now h...(Continue Reading)

Japanese-American Internment at Manzanar During World War II
Learn more about the Japanese-American Internment at Manzanar during World War II. View many pictures taken by Ansel Adams detailing this terrible tragedy....(Continue Reading)

Was it Fair to Put Japanese in Concentration Camps? Polls on Politics & Society
Thousands of American citizens of Japanese ancestry and Japanese immigrants were rounded up and placed in concentration camps in America during World War II. Evidence from that era makes it clear that racism was the primary cause, but some have argue...(Continue Reading)

August 23 - Today in American History
Learn what happened today - August 23rd - in American History....(Continue Reading)

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